Thursday, August 16, 2012

My favorite thing...

...about having the grandchildren near is being able to spend one on one time with them. I love to let them take the lead and just get to know their personality a little better. Because they live far away and our personal interaction is somewhat limited I am able to see how they have grown and how they are changing. Each child has unique qualities and characteristics that make them who they are and help me know how to interact with each one. 

Let me start with Peter

Peter LOVES his momma 
 The family arrived Saturday night and Amy and Jordan had a wedding reception to go to. We all thought that after a day in the car the kids would be much happier playing here. Amy got them settled and she and Jordan left. I had Peter who quickly realized quickly that his mom was gone and began to cry. 

Before everyone arrived I went to Costco and bought new pj's for the kids to wear in the new bunk room (pictures of the bunk room to come). Ruby and Olivia got similar ones with butterflies on them, and I saw the cutest ones for peter with a fire engine on the front - the only problem what that they only had a size too big. I debated and searched through ALL the pajamas to find just one pair of 2T's but with not luck. I looked around at all the other ones but felt I just HAD to get him the fire engine ones even if they were too big. I brought them home and placed them on their respective beds with Peter's across the rail of the crib. 

I took my crying grandson upstairs and as soon as he saw the fire engine pj's he stopped crying and made a truck sound. Yeah!
 With his fire engine pj's in hand he was ready to play. We read books - his favorites were about cars and trucks and animals - and did puzzles and played with the trains. I also remembered a bin with toy cars that was currently living in the basement and got it out right away. Big smiles - no more tears! While Peter usually likes to be on the move, he was happy to sit in Uncle Aaron's lap and and watch Aaron drive his car game. This boy loves vehicles.

He absolutely LOVED the splash pad. He would put his face right in the stream of water. He did not love the carousel but was OK as long as everyone cheered wildly when he came around. Peter is mellow and content at times and full of energy other times. He loves to explore and see just what he can do. He is a cuddler and such a happy child. He is delighted when he succeeds at something new. He is growing up so fast.

I love my Peter boy!


Amy said...

Oh, I love this! You sure nailed Peter!

MZ said...

What a joy it was to get to know Peter and all the grandchildren better this summer!