Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Google tag

Thanks for the Tag Amy. This is called Google Tag. The rules are that you must google (images) the answers to the questions and post your favorite picture (from the first three pages) that comes up. Here I go...

First name: Karen
Tropical storm Karen (ever feel like that?)
2 Middle name: Diane

Diane Keaton
3. Last Name: Zimbelman

Cool Text Book
Bad Habit: Leaving my shoes laying around:

Doing right now: Eating Lunch!
Try not to drool on your keyboard, fresh tomato cucumber salad with mozzarella cheese.mmmmmm
Grandmother's name: Mary Light
Virgin Mary Light
Past Pet: our dog Thunder
My first job: Bank Teller

I looked exactly like this...
My age: 44

Photo 44 of the Clumpy Super nova - how appropriate!
Where I grew up: Canoga Park CA
I guess things haven't really changed...
Past love:Doing gymnastics

Favorite place:Ok, I'm boring
If I went back to school: IF, I am in back in school
This is what I'd like.
Place I would like to visit: Switzerland
My favorite color: Spring green

My favorite food: grilled chicken and veggies
Amy tagged all the family so I tag Tommie, Jessica, Mandy, Allegra and Christie!

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Kami Su said...

What a cute tag I'll have to try it. It's fun to see what you put for answers.