Monday, September 29, 2008

Rice and Beans

Whats up Família!?
Thank you all so much for your letters they mean more than I can express(in English :)

I hope that everyone is doing well! My week was really a powerful testimony builder!

Vigeta and I have been preparing a man named Ismael to get married and baptized. It was really a amazing experience; He has been going frequently to the ward here for about a year or two now, but it had been about a year since he heard anything from the missionaries. So, we set a goal with him from the start to get married this past Friday and Baptized this past Saturday. We have been teaching him and he already knew a ton so we were able to really prepare for the waters of baptism. He was baptized Saturday and it was one of the most spiritual experiences that I have been a part of. He has a really strong testimony and has already really helped us with two of the families we are working with right now.

Yesterday also was the best Sunday I have had in the mission so far; We had about 10 elders in elders quorum yesterday along with 2 of our investigators. This might sound weak but this is like a record turn out here. It was a really good elders quorum. Then in Principles of the Gospel Vigeta taught the class about involving our talents. We had two families come out to visit and it was a really spiritual hour (Ismael really helped us with the newbies).

We have been working with a purpose this transfer to find families and help build the ward of Cabo Quevedo closer to the chapel and our prayers have really been answered; Ismael was our first baptism closer to the chapel, then close by we have Eduardo and Mariusa, who have been searching for the gospel and Mariusa recognizes that we are an answer to her prayers. Then we have Arlei and Laura who are practically members already. They have come with us to church the last three Sundays and are asking about all of the books and materials, conference, everything! We even had a brasillian bar-b-q with them last yesterday (Ohhh, which is like Tucanos galore, ohh, homer simpson drool...).

I know that the Lord answers our prayers! I would appreciate it if you could pray for a few people that we are teaching; Arlei, Laura, Alessandra, Arlei jr., Eduardo, Mariusa, José, Maria, Carlos, Marlene, Jeferson, Paulino, Junior, Paulo, William, Leci, Clarisa, Caroline.

Your prayers could really make a difference!
Love you guys, thanks for your support, prayers, love, emails!
Your all a huge part of my book of life!

Tchau, Até proxíma semana!

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