Monday, October 6, 2008

D&C 84:88

Hey Family!

Well, this 3rd transfer is over and it looks like I'm going to be moving on. I am filled with many mixed emotions; gratitude, excitement, sadness, insecurity.
I have felt so comfortable; I know where to buy my bread and milk, I know where the bishop and leaders live, I have investigators that are progressing and preparing for baptism, I have a companion that I really work well with and that I like working with and so, I have gained friendship with many members and I have learned how to communicate with these people. I guess it's time to get thrown out of my comfort zone.
I am so grateful for what the Lord has taught me, in every struggle, in every mistake, in every good time, and in every moment I have been guided by the spirit. It will be a whole knew experience starting over in another area, with a new companion and a whole new ward.
It is a really good thing that this is the work of the Lord or I would feel like a little kid in a strange world. But, with the confidence of the Gospel and the spirit I will go wherever the Lord sends me.

So my birthday was really good; Elder Vigeta and I made pastels and shared them with one of the families that we are teaching. I got a table cloth with the Grêmio team logo on it(My soccer team here in the south). Wahoo, I'm 21 :)

Wow, conference was inspiring! I watched it in English and realized how limited my Português is right now. It really motivated me to study harder and perfect the language. I am really going to miss the corrections from Elder Vigeta. He has really helped my accent.

Before the first session of conference Vigeta and I where having a few arguments, but, the first words from President Monson really touched my heart; Those that are new, we welcome you. Those that are struggling, we love you. I had been struggling a little with feeling love from anyone, and when I heard those words, they penetrated my heart and I knew that Thomas S. Monson is our Prophet of God called to lead and guide us through our daily trials. I was so grateful for every one of the talks that we were able to here and I am just now gaining a testimony on why it is so important to do the small things in life. Read the scriptures daily, Pray to our father in heaven, go to church every Sunday, read the Ensign and "Recharge our batteries." As mom would put it. I hope you all remember that I love you and pray for you every day! I would also like you to know that I feel your prayers on a daily basis.

Wish me Luck in Santo Angelo!

Sure Love you all, thank you for all your support and Love!!!


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