Monday, October 27, 2008

Zone Conference!!!

Well Family, the days are flying by like a Bugatti in 6th gear, if you know what I mean ;)

Santo Angêlo is a very very good area, but Elder Elder and I just need to learn how to work it.

Man I love zone conference!!! President is really inspired; and I received goodies from home (thanks everybody, especially Mom!!!). I had been praying to find new investigators, trying to pull the referrals from the members but nothing seemed to be working REALLY GOOD. Then, in zone conference the main topic was finding new investigators! President really has some awesome ideas and we are going to go all out! Also, Elder Bueno who was in Uruguaiana with me is Assistant now. He has passed through this same area that I am in and he told us every little little secret that he knows about our area. So, I'm super excited to work this week!

We have been working with one family for a few weeks now and it's getting to the boiling point; They have been showing a lot of interest, but not progressing the way they could be.

It is a family of four; The dad, Alsindo, Mom, Elaine, Daughter of Alsindo, Juliana, and son of Elaine, Rafael. It doesn't look like they are married, so it will be a bit of a process before they can be baptized. But, we started teaching all except the dad; he has lost all confidence in Churches (and with the churches they have here, I am pretty disgusted too). We taught them about the Ministry of Christ and Restoration (I wasn't there when they taught the Restoration, but Elder Elder left them the movie of the First Vision to watch with Alsindo to see if they could spark some interest). Then, the next visit, Alsindo had watched the movie and liked it a lot. So, I went back on a split with a few members and we taught the whole family about the Book of Mormon; It was a very spiritual lesson and the whole family really could tell the importance of having another testimony when so many people can translate the Bible in so many different ways. On the next visit, we started with the first lesson for Alsindo because he wanted to know the importance of baptism. When we asked how they had liked the part of the Book of Mormon that we marked, Elaine had already read 3rd Nephi 11 and started to read from the beginning. I couldn't believe it, she has showed a lot of interest and really wants to progress but Alsindo thinks there is more to the church than what we are saying. He has a vision very much like Dad, when things are looking too good to be true, they usually are; also, that nothing comes for free. Which is true, we need to sacrifice the natural man to enter into God's fold.

We are starting to have activities every Thursday night and they have really been a hit. We will have a visit with them tomorrow, then invite them to the activity and we will see what happens Sunday. But, I would really appreciate your prayers for them; Alsindo, Elaine, Juliana and Rafael.

Thanks for all of your letters this week!!! I will write you all back individually...

Until next week

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