Monday, October 20, 2008

My funny for the day

My friend and neighbor Trinka brought me a muffin the other day made from yellow squash. It was really good so I got her recipe. I tweaked it a little, added some cocoa powder and topped it with fat free coolwhip and chocolate shavings - think chocolate cupcake. Pretty good and only two points. I made some again Sunday but used butternut squash and did a little more tweaking. This time I frosted it with cream cheese frosting (2.5 points). They were better than the batch before so I took some over for Trinka and her family to try. Today Devyn (Trinka's almost 8 year old son) returned the plate. I asked him if he liked the cupcakes. At first he said yes and then turned around and said, "Well, no actually I didn't try them... I was barfing. Have a good day!" then he quickly added, "I'm feeling better now" put his hand on his stomach and thought for a moment and added, "well, sort of" and he left.


celisamz said...

Devyn cracks me up. How funny!

The Norris Family said...

Oh Dear.... was it your cooking? hahaha

Karen said...

Please note... he did NOT eat my cooking BECAUSE he was barfing.