Monday, August 10, 2009

Party ON!

In order for me to leave girls camp early there must have been a really good reason.
And there was.

Mark's 50th birthday.
Born 7 August 1959
Hard to believe isn't it. He doesn't seem a day over....
well, he isn't your typical 50 year old that's for sure.
Not many 30 year olds are in such great shape
He's still as sweet and handsome as ever.

He still knows how to dress for the occasion.

He has a great love for nature, God and his fellow man.
And he still makes me laugh.
He is my best friend.
His mom flew in from Tucson and then
we surprised him by flying Amy and Ruby in too.
I'm not able to surprise him very often but we pulled it off.
Happy Birthday Mark!


The Fifes said...

happy birthday! Love the pictures!

Sistahood said...

I'm LOVING that Napoleon/Deb picture. Your family is too much fun. Happy (late) birthday!