Sunday, August 9, 2009

Catch up and looking forward

First item - Girls camp

I love girls camp.
Our stake goes to a dedicated camp for the young women of the Provo and Orem Stakes called Mia Shalom. It's near Scofield. Simple A frame cabins. No electricity. Running water and flushing toilets - even showers if you don't mind ice cold water. Most of us pass.
It's about 8000 feet high in the pines and aspens.
The weather was cool and beautiful.
Our stake fully embraces the experience.
Each ward is assigned a value and its coordinating color.
This year we were blue - divine nature.
We go shopping at the local thrift store to find all kinds of outrageous blue clothing to wear during our 5 days at camp. Lack of electricity and showers plus crazy clothes serves as a great equalizer.
We did confidence courses.
(It's Jenn in the overalls)

Leaders included

A game of Quiddich on the lake.
(we traded brooms for canoes)
I was completely soaked but it was sooo worth it!

We had morning and evening gatherings as a stake.

As well as Race for Life where the girls get to practice their first aid skills on young women involved in a jeep accident, lightening strike, bear attack, bee stings, hypothermia, choking and severe burns, snake bites, rock slide and heatstroke.
No first aid experience would be complete with out the appropriate make up. If you're not squeemish look closeup at the picture - yes that's a compound fracture.

Each ward gets points based in their profiency treating the patient and we won!
Check out the pinata prize.

We also had skits, tie died shirts, cooked lots of yummy food - two meals during thunder storms.
We used our trailer to get all our gear up to camp and when we went to back it up to unload it the wheel was making a terrible scraping noise. Turns out the bearing went out.
Richard Ohran (a friend from Provo), Mark and Christian came up and fixed it.

I left early - before singing in the trees, stake president devotional, solo time and testimony meeting because of a very special event in our home...
which I'll tell you about tomorrow.

But just a few miles after I turned on to the paved road this is what I saw...
about 10 feet off the road just walking around. It wasn't injured but stayed long enough for me to turn around and take a couple of pictures. Then it flew away.
I love girls camp.


TrinEthan said...

oh i love camp...

The Fifes said...

what a fun experience! Love all the camp ideas!!

Kami Su said...

You are in YW again? What do you do in there now? No doubt you'd be back though you're such a great leader, most don't LOVE camp...