Friday, July 31, 2009

Flash Back Friday: Dedicated to the one I love

About 28 years ago I met this man.
I knew instantly there was something exceptional about him.

The day I met him I was drawn to his sense of humor.
There was something true and genuine about him.
Something in him that brought out my best self.

27 years ago we were sealed together.
Today I love him more than I every thought I could love another.
I have learned so much from him.
He has become a part of me and I of him.
I have experienced more joy and growth in the last 27 years than I ever thought possible. I can't imagine being without him. I'm glad we are together for eternity.
I love you sweetie!
Happy Anniversary


Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so grateful that you are happily married and made the decision to be sealed in the temple--what a wonderful example to your children. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Some things have gotten better with age! You look awesome! Better than when you got know what I mean.

The Fifes said...

love this post! I love seeing old pictures of your family. Happy anniversary!

celisamz said...

Thanks for being such an awesome example to us! We love you!

Christie said...

I do love you two and I love getting to be part of your life through your blog, and watching your family evolve. do inspire me!