Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back Yard - DONE!

This was supposed to post tomorrow but alas I pushed the wrong button so here you go.
The back yard as viewed from the house. I realize many of the "before" pictures were taken in early spring so it's not a completely fair comparison but... well... you get the picture.

Looking out the window from the eating area.
To the right

Looking straight out

Notice the lack of a line in the middle of the window?
Thanks goes to my wonderful hubby who suggested we put a picture window in the eating area. It's awesome!

Looking to the left...

Part way into the project

In the yard looking West

Looking forward to more "fruits" of our labors

My friend the Robin is still hanging around.
I'll post about of my favorite parts next
but I better get dinner going.

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Amy said...

You amaze me! The pictures don't even do it justice!