Monday, July 6, 2009

Elder Rob continued

Dear Family,

It is so good to hear from all of you, that wrote me. This week has been really good. Elder Branco is still wanting to go home and no it isn't very common that missionaries want to go home. I'm just special :) I try not to blame myself that they want to go home but I really don't think that it is because of me that Elder Branco wants to go home. He is just worried about his preparation and health and few other lame excuses. He is sure a lot more excited this week and I think I'm going be able to keep him in the mission.

This week we had our Zone Conference and it was really good. One small thing that president said that has really been interesting to me is about our preexistence and preordination. I have been reading my patriarchal blessing and Jesus the Christ and thinking a lot about our premortal life. One thing that I have noticed that I have been very blessed to be in such an amazing family along with each of you!

This week was especially good because of the Sacrament Meeting yesterday. Yesterday we saw many of our recent converts participating and it was really special. Cristiano is one of the first persons that I baptized her in Salgado Filho and yesterday he blessed the sacrament. Aldenise and Indiele have been baptized a few months ago and we have been teaching them after there baptisms. They both bore there testimonies for there first times with awesome conviction. Also, Tiago that was baptized three Sundays ago also bore his testimony! It was really cool, he is going to be a leader here!

This week we are still having problems with the married couples here; Antonio and Raquel, Clailton and Luana. They have been having come fights and are thinking about separating. We really need your prayers for them! But, the good news is that Edson has completely stopped smoking! He has been an awesome influence in there family and shortly they will be getting married.

Pray for them!

We are a little short on time today; we have our interviews with president today. But I will try to come back and write you all individually!

Love you all and your in my prayers!

Elder Z

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