Monday, July 13, 2009

Branco is staying!

Dear family,

This has been a great week. It started looking like Branco was going home. Until we had a really good day and found two new families. We got really excited and just had an awesome day. That night Elder Branco said a prayer and decided that he would stay!

I know that your prayers and mine have helped to comfort him and help him make the right decision! Thanks!

This week we have started to work differently. Elder Branco and I have been working separated from the ZL's. We have also been told a few things that probably will happen the next transfer. There will be 2 new missionaries arriving here. Elder Sabatini will be completing his 2 years and going home and Elder Branco will be getting transferred. I'm sad that Elder Branco will be transferred. We have had so many good times but I just hope that everything goes well where he goes.

This week we have seen a lot of progress with Luana and Clailton and Antonio and Raquel. Luana and Clailton have set a goal to be baptized this next Sunday and Antonio and Raquel have been rekindling the fire and will get married pretty soon here! Thanks to your prayers everyone is progressing! Thanks for all your support and love! I have really felt a force that I have recognized from you guys!

This next week is the transfer and I will keep you updated! Sorry, I've gotta run...


Elder Z

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