Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just so you know

The remodel project is 95% done
but I didn't want to post pictures until it is all done.
Here is a sneak peak at the living rooom


This corner is done.
But before I can finish putting everything back together I need to get the rest of the house reorganized from the remodel fall out.

Also, although I have not taken pictures or blogged about it Mark has had an incredible racing season so far including winning the Porcupine Hill Climb last week.
(That's a race up to Brighton from the bottom of one of the cottonwood canyons)
That's 3,500 vertical feet in 10 miles.
He and a teammate were over 4 minutes ahead of the next guy
and Mark beat his PR by a minute which is huge!

We are also looking forward to enjoying views like this:
and this:
at the Capitol Reef Classic.
(and I am looking forward to having some awesome photographers in the car with me!)


Amy said...

WOW! I wish I were there to see it all! I think I need someone to pick my jaw up from the floor.

Kami Su said...

I am blown away but your hard work. That looks amazing, like out of a magazine. I can't wait to see it all.

Tracy said...

I'm finally catching up on some of my blog reading. You have been one busy woman! It looks AMAZING. I'll probably be sending messages for your advice and help whenever I move on.... :)