Friday, July 3, 2009

Flash Back Friday: Hot Air

This morning as I drove carpool to summer band the sky was full of hot air balloons.
Bright colored ones, smokey the bear, a castle...
it felt magical
and reminded me of clear cool mornings in Tucson.

We lived near the Tanque Verde Wash...
which hardly ever had water in it
making it a great place to launch hot air balloons.

My children were early risers and often while eating breakfast we
would hear a whooshing noise outside.

I've tried to come up with a better description of the noise but for those of you who have never heard what hot air balloons sound like just form your lips into a circle with a penny sized opening. Now move your lips upward carefully - so as not to disturb your circle - until the bottom edge of your top teeth are about half an inch below your bottom lip but not touching. Now take a deep breath and exhale through the small opening forcefully.
There you have it - whooshing.

When we heard that sound spoons would go down and everyone would rush out into the backyard - often barefoot and in pj's. The balloons were so close to us we could call "good morning" and wave to the people in the baskets. Fourth of July and St. Patrick's Day were days we could always count on greeting balloonists.

It was a special treat during financially tight times.


Amy said...

Such good memories!

Grandma T. said...

Remember, it's TUCSON (not Tuscon)!!

Karen said...

I stand corrected... just my dyslexia coming through.

Tracy said...

I remember the air balloons from when I was a girl and lived in Tucson. They were pretty awesome. Thanks for the memories!