Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Making Progress

Sometimes it feels like I am spinning my wheels.
Working hard but nothing really to show for it.
So many ideas that I've been suffering from a lack of focus.
Stuff I see that I like and want to do, yet still drowning in the stuff I saw yesterday that I'm trying to implement. Is it every really finished?
Time to sit back, breathe deep and get some perspective.
Time to dig out too.
Get ready for girls camp
a 50th birthday celebration
helping Aaron and Celisa move
and school starting
All in rapid succession.

But first a few pictures of what I've been up to:
The hallway
It took forever to find the little pictures to fit in the collage and not cover faces with the words.
Finished is good.

Dining Room - actually in progress.
This picture shows the new light fixture as well as the sliding glass door that replaced the smaller window.

Not finished but as it stands today.
Much more roomy.
This china hutch was passed down to us from Marks' mom and will now pass to Aaron and Celisa as we share the love. The buffett that matches it is already at home with Amy and Jordan and holding Grandam T's china.

New built in makes it so we can get around the table now.

These shadow boxes took some time too but I love the way they turned out.
If any other descendants of Grandma would like to do something similar I have some more of her monogrammed silver (forks and spoons only) that's a partial set and you are welcome to have a few pieces.

The family room before

and now.
The wall to the left is quite big and blank but I have plans for a family tree with pictures.
If you are related to us - I would love a recent picture (.jpg file) of your family to put on the wall as well as pictures of great (or great great great) grandparents.
Or I'll use an old one or pluck one from facebook...

I also need some input about the eating area and a wall in the living room but those pictures will have to wait until it's not so bright outside.
Until then... I'll go get my shovel and start digging...

Oh yea happy birthday to my sister Lisa, you're awesome!
want to be inspired check this out and this.


Chelsea said...

AMAZING! I'm so impressed with your updates! It makes me want to do something fun and new too!

Amy said...

Love it. I wish I were there to witness it all. I love the shadow boxes-such an improvement! I would definitely love a fork and spoon if you still have extras.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the transformation! It is like going from a dark hole to the bright, living home! (not that it was a dark hole, but it is so inviting now!) I will send you a picture.

And, I would LOVE some of Grandma's silverware, BUT I will pay you to frame them like that for me or they will be ruined, or stuck in a cedar chest never to be seen again. SO...when you get done with the a year or so, I will send you some big bucks.

Or we could plan an activity at the next reunion for the women who want to make them, make a class. :)

Karen said...

I think doing it when we get together in Lake Tahoe is a great idea. Do you have a doily? You can also choose the background color and the frame color - I painted both to suit the room.

Grandma T. said...

Karen, you are awesome! Everything is beautiful and I'm thrilled the furniture is going along with the next generation! I love the colors you used and am really looking forward to seeing all of you -- XOXO