Monday, August 17, 2009

This week

Dear Family,

This week has been good. I have been feeling really worn out and been having a few problems with diligence and planing but the work is moving along.

Yesterday the north wind was blowing really hard and it warmed up the temperature and woke up these members from there hibernation. So we had 170 people at church. 13 of which where investigators.

My district is working towards our goal to baptize 24 this month and it is looking all to possible! Elder Monteiro and I are working with 10 people that will be able to be baptized before the end of the month if they are prepared. For that reason we will need your prayers! These people are, Rita, Marlene, Fernando, Marta, Cristiele, Suellen, Felipe, Larissa, Raissa and Salete!

These people are very special and are getting to know the members, exercising their faith and progressing and could really use your support.

My comp is doing well. He is a good worker and is very smart. He's a little on the quiet side but I'm LOUD enough for the two of us. But it looks like Elder Branco really is going to go home. He will be coming out here tomorrow and then catching a plane home. He is planning on coming back out to the mission but I think it would be hard. He will really need our prayers!

Well I have really been feeling the love of the members here. Here in Brasil all of the materials that you can buy from the church you have to make an order to São Paulo or you can buy them at the bookstore in the temple. I asked for a few books and some garments too and they bought them for me and didn't accept my money. The members here are really good to us! They are also always visiting with us and giving us referrals! It will be tough to pass in a better area than this! It also will be hard to leave!

Well I sure love you guys! Thanks for all of your prayers on my behalf and also for everyone here that you all have prayed for!

Love, Elder Rob

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Jessica said...

Karen I just read all your wonderful posts from the last couple of weeks! We felt so badly we were out of town for Bishop's birthday!

Happy Late Birthday Bishop!

You are such an amazing mother! I'm sure your kids wouldn't know what to do (or how to move) without you!