Wednesday, August 12, 2009


For those of you who are not Harry Potter fans,
Splinching takes place when one travels by appirition but appirates incompletely leaving part of oneself behind - painful and not pretty (as Ron learned in Book 7 when he accidentally left his ear or was it a piece of his arm behind?).

I am beginning to know what if feels like to be splinched.
In June I traveled to Sacramento and left part of me there.
Now I will travel to Champaign Illinois and leave another part of me there.
Leaving a missionary at the MTC is a kind of splinching
but you know they will return and be close by a little longer...
so it's not quite the same as what I'm feeling now.

(this is not to be confused with creating a Hoarcrux -
which I am definitely NOT doing)

I also feel splinched when I leave family still at home to help a child move. Glad I can be helping but missing my family at home.

(It seems I'm kind of a mess doesn't it?)

Our family moves into a new and different state as our children begin to reside more permanantly in different states.

It feels odd.

I often feel incomplete without my children close by.
I suppose I will get used to it...
but then again I'm not sure It's something I want to get used to.

I need a plan.
Something I can count on.
Someway to count the days until we'll be in the same room again.
Able to play games together, to share a meal together, to crawl on the floor with our grandbabies again, and gather our own children and their spouses in our arms, even if it's only for a few short days.

Until then I remain splinched.
Unless someone knows how to fix it...


Grandma T. said...

Are you sure you would REALLY rather they live with you all their lives? One of my greatest joys is to see my adult children having joyful, fulfilling, productive, independent lives. I'd love it if I were closer and could see them more often, but I am always very sad when I see adult children who are still dependent on their parents. (I'm sure that's not what you are saying here in this eloquent post.) Thanks for your mother/wife role in your impressive, wonderful family. You are very, very special!!

MZ said...

Let me know how to fix it because I'm also feeling splinched.

Kami Su said...

Wow!!! That is a lot at one time. I can only imagine and I look forward to the time I have until those days are near. So save your life saving tips will ya?

I'm just becoming a Harry Potter Fan, starting Book 3, so I look forward to reading more about splinching...

And another, wow! What a beautiful family you have with those big smiles and beautiful baby girls.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you just cry a lot?

Or make lots of money and travel all summer visiting them.

Tracy said...

Karen, your family is BEAUTIFUL! Your analogy is so appropriate. Hang in there!

Christie said...
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Christie said...

I wasn't familiar with 'splinching' but it is a great word! But I do agree with Grandma T, as I know you do too. I love seeing my adult kids have the experiences - like parenthood- that mean so much to me in my life. Ours is a special, new, and also fun role as our kids are grown. At least for now...I'm not looking forward to the really old part.