Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Some girls have all the luck.

When I was 6 or 7 my mom took me to the Stride Rite store to get Sunday shoes.
I’m not sure where she took the other kids but because my feet were very wide this was where we bought my shoes.

This is where I found the first pair of shoes I fell in love with. They were black patent leather mary janes with a beautiful black rosette on the top. I remember them so clearly. The man measured my foot and brought out the closest size they had. I put them on. They were a little squishy but I didn’t care. I instantly was transformed into a beautiful princess. I wanted to dance across the store - but of course I couldn’t, I had to stand there while the man pressed his thumb into my toes. Yes there should have been a space there but not so. He squeezed the sides of my feet checking the width. I'm not sure he could push in very far without causing me pain.
His verdict “They feel a little tight, I’ll see if I have the next size up.

He disappeared into the back and I admired my beautiful shoes in the mirror. I tried to wiggle my toes... he was right a bigger size would be better...

But he came back empty handed. No bigger size.
My mom encouraged me to find a different pair.


I had found true love, there could be no other.
She and the shoe man suggested all kinds of other shoes but I was sold.
THE PERFECT SHOE was worth a little discomfort.
I wanted these and no others. They weren't really that bad. My mom and the man looked at each other and reluctantly my mom bought the shoes carefully saving the receipt and discussing the return policy with the man.

Sunday could not come soon enough for me. I was very careful not to let anything scratch the beautiful shiny black leather.

But they were squishy.
We were not even in the building before my feet started to hurt.
Before the end of church my beautiful shoes were no longer on my feet but in my hand.
I cried.
My pain was double, my feet as well as my heart.

Monday the shoes went back. I don’t remember what I got in their place
but they didn’t hurt my feet.

That day I accepted the COLD HARD FACTS:
When it came to shoes I was not Cinderella but one of the step sisters.
From then on when it came to shoes, if they were the right color and fit, I got them, ugly or not. That is until recently... stay tuned for part II

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Christie said...

I keep waiting for some graduation pictures...did you escape on a long vacation or something?