Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miracles Happen

Dear Family,

This week we were very blessed by the Lord! It was really amazing! We had 5 baptisms and regional conference!

Andréia and Cristiano got married Saturday and were baptized on Sunday! They are a really good family. They have four children and are in there thirties. They have been going to church for a while but finally everything went through for them to get married and baptized. They have a very firm testimony of the gospel and have really had a change of heart.

Alessandro was also baptized Sunday! Like I said last week he gave up the world to be baptized! At conference he already went in his suit and also has a huge testimony of the church.

Bruna and Everton are the last two members to complete a family. They had listened to the lessons before and had a seed planted in their hearts. The only thing that was missing was that they hadn't been to church yet. The Monday after they went to church came out and told us that they wanted to be baptized!!!

It was one of the most spiritual baptism that I have ever been to! It was also the last baptism, Sunday night of Elder Hendricks. He played a hymn on the piano and then the bishop gave a talk. The bishop started crying when he gave his talk; it was a very powerful spiritual experience.

This month we had a goal to baptize 8 people and only one fell short!

God is very mindful of us and has been blessing us a ton! Thank you for all your love and support, I really really appreciate it! I love you all much more than I can tell you and I am very happy to say that I'm very excited to spend all eternity with each and every one of you! Thanks for your examples! Do you best every day and God will make up the rest!

Oh yeah, this week has been a lot better with Elder Evaristo. It's good because he will be transferred and I will stay here. He's a good kid and you should all keep him in your prayers; he's going from the best area in the mission to the worst. Don't worry I'm not telling him that but, I'm trying to prepare him... Tomorrow I will be companions with Elder Branco(White). We're gonna tear it up!!!

Thanks for everything! Until next week!


Elder Rob

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