Monday, April 6, 2009

Week 2 in Salgado Filho

Dear Family,

The work moves on as I will already start my third week in Zion, oh I mean, Salgado Filho. The Conference was more than I could have expected and really recharged my batteries. It is amazing how that works! I get so tired for one week until I take the Sacrament then we've got District Meeting every week, which now doesn't really give me tons of comfort anymore but, sure keeps me on my toes. Then we've got Zone Conference every 6 weeks and General conference every 6 months.

I don't think the missionary work would work so well without all of these trainings and spiritual recharges! I hope that all of you have taken advantage of "ALL OF THE SESSIONS!"

I have really had my testimony strengthened that there is communication from heaven to earth! It is truly amazing!

I don't have my notebook with me that I took my conference notes in so I don't remember who wrote this talk. But, one of the most moving talks for me was about eternal life and our life here on earth. We have been given the privilege to receive the greatest of the gifts of God, "Eternal Life." But, to inherit eternal life we need to be transformed. We have the privilege of living here on earth and gaining experiences but, it not all going to be down hill. This is a gift that we need to work for! So we had better get working!!!

I have had a few of tough experiences but I am learning how to deal with them. For example: My companion is very new. I am his second companion and therefore his stepfather. I have realized that it is really difficult to teach someone when they don't see that it's necessary and don't want to change. Elder Evaristo is a good guy but, we are very different. Pray for us to get along.

We have found a few families that appear to be very interested. I will keep you updated as they start making more progress and submitting to compromises...

I feel very blessed to be in this area and am trying to do my best. Please pray for our success!

I'm sorry we are running late today and I won't be able to write to everyone individually. But, thank you all for everything you do! Love you guys!

Love Elder Z

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