Monday, May 4, 2009

Back on Track I

For a moment I debated
whether I should post pictures of graduation first since that is over a week overdue or Olivia

obviously not out of my post graduation haze quite yet!
So without further adue, meet

Olivia Diane Zimbelman:

Olivia had a short precautionary visit to the ICU,
hence the marks on her forehead and extra wires.

Amazingly long toes that she curls and uncurls

Celisa finally got to hold her. What a beautiful mother and daughter.

She stretched out her legs and just held them there for the longest time.
Not much of a startle reflex in this little one.
She was loving the extra room, I think Celisa is too.

Nothing is quite as sweet as being a Grandma

Except being a mom.

Credit for all these pictures goes to Christian.
He does such a good job.
If you want to see more go here and leave him an awesome comment.


Linda M said...

Congratulations, you have an amazing family. I had 2 of my boys go through the NICU and it can be very scary....I am glad everyone is doing well. She is beautiful.

Dave and Mandy said...

Love, love, love the name Olivia and love, love, love the picture of you holding your newest grandbaby. Can't wait to see graduation pictures!

allegra said...

you look amazing in that picture holding olivia. congratulations on another cute grandbaby!!

celisamz said...

Thanks for being such a wonderful grandma! Olivia sure is lucky (and so are we)!