Friday, May 8, 2009

Flash Back Friday: A little less wisdom

This is Robbie a few years ago when he got his wisdom teeth pulled.
When he came out of the anesthetic he told me how much he loved me
thanked me profusely for bringing him.
He swelled more than anyone.
Poor guy.

Christian got his taken out today.
Poor guy.
He doesn't look swollen so far.
Changing gauze and waiting for the bleeding to stop.
Bored with the computer he decided to have a Lord of the Rings marathon - extended version of course.
Good choice

Poor guy.


Amy said...

I didn't know he got his wisdom teeth out fun. Did he say anything funny to you?

Karen said...

No funny comments, but even in the haze and dizziness of the anesthetic he tried to help me put his backpack in the back seat. He actually did quite well. Sucked down his while jamba juice and had another smoothie when we got home.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully he feels better today!

Did you tell him that he is going to be dumb now because they pull your brains out with the teeth?

Yeah, it wasn't really that funny when they tried to tell me that way back in the olden days either.