Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back on Track III: Graduation Part II

THE Graduation

My mom enjoying a good book while waiting for graduation to start.

Lining up with our name cards.
Two very handsome, very smart masters on either side of me.

Mark was waiting at the end with big hugs for us.
I didn't notice any other graduating seniors getting that kind of treatment.

my dad

I cannot even begin to express my appreciation for those who supported me over the years,
kind words of encouragement, tutoring,
so many little things that made all the difference.
It meant a lot to me to graduate along side Jordan and Aaron
and I really appreciate those who traveled to be with us at this time of celebration.
I also appreciate those who wanted to be with us but could not...
we felt your support and appreciated the love your sent our way.

I've learned so much
and I know it won't end here
continue to learn and go forth to serve...
Need I say more?

Another HUGE thanks to Amy and Christian for their exceptional photography skills


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-cap! It made me cry...again!

I wondered why the boys had the blue things, I thought it was just because they were boys. I guess they both got Master's degrees? Already? Wow!

I think it is cool that Mark was there to hug you! I wonder how many people wondered about that?

Kami Su said...

Wow congratulations! I remember when you decided to go back to school. And you DID IT!! What a great example you are for the rest of us.

And as a very important side note, you look beautiful, really just like the age of a college student, WOW!!!!

celisamz said...

Woo hoo! Yeah for the graduates!