Monday, May 4, 2009

Back on Track II: Graduation Part 1

Pregraduation Festivities

Graduation celebrations actually began for us on Wednesday April 22, when Grandpa Z and Grandma Arlene arrived from Austin, Texas.
We hung out, picked up graduation robes, toured Mark's new office, played at the park with Ruby and stuff like that. I stole these pictures from Amy's blog.

Thursday was the convocation for all of BYU.
Soooo characteristic of the Zimbelman family, loving all the pomp and circumstance and the opportunity to sit through long massive programs as we do, we decided it would be a great time to take pictures on campus with us all decked out in our robes.
Mark is required to attend graduation once a year
so the college ordered robes for him too.
It was pretty cool.
The Marriot school has a new addition that is connected with the old building by a four story atrium. Christian and Amy got some great pictures there.

Looking UP
Mark and I on top, then Aaron and Jordan

Ruby and me
Walking was anticlimatic for Aaron with 5 years of school still ahead of him, but he reluctantly agreed and did it for me. Thanks, Aaron. Consider yourself covered for Mother's Day this year ;).

After finishing pictures we went to dinner at Magelbeys (similar to Natalies) where my parents joined us as they arrived from Mesa Arizona.

Graduation was at 5pm on Friday so we decided to go to lunch at Olive Garden before the ceremony. Aaron, Jordan and I shared thoughts about graduating over salad and bread sticks.

Mark's dad and my dad at Olive Garden

I thought a lot about sacrifice. Not just the sacrifice of the student but those supporting the student. Being a wife and mother while being a student requires sacrifice on the part of everyone to make it work. It's interesting how we love those we sacrifice for as well as those who sacrifice for us. I was overwhelmed by the love and sacrifice my family has been willing to make for me so that I could attend school. While I'm not ready to run out and get a job I feel like I have become a better wife, mother and person because of what I have learned. I also feel like I have learned to open my mind and think about the world differently. I will always be grateful for the many who supported me not only during the last nine years but also for my parents supporting me my freshman year and encouraging me to go to BYU. Without that who knows where I'd be...

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