Thursday, September 1, 2011

Argentina, Here I Come!

This week has been awesome, we got two new teachers, and we were worried that they were going to be super lame and no fun this last week of the MTC, but they have turned out to be pretty awesome! I know the lord is watching out for us!

Last night was our last chance to hear from a quorum of the Twelve in our firesides and we definitely got lucky. Elder Holland came, and it was an amazing spiritual feast as one might expect from him, ask dad or Jen or mom for notes from it! It was awesome! He does seem to be getting old though! 

Oh man, I am somewhat sad to be leaving the MTC. It has been such a place of spiritual growth and development for me, more than I could ever have imagined. It really has been a humbling, but at the same time a very uplifting experience. I love the MTC and I will always look back to my time here, as a cherished time in my life. One of the biggest blessings I have had has been to be able to be the District Leader for the Elders in my district. It has taught me so much, and the Lord truly has magnified me in my calling far beyond my own potential. My love for the elders in my district has grown immensely. It is always amazing to me, the way the Lord likes to humble me, and then give me success. An example of this is that every Sunday we have a district meeting that I am in charge of and we assign two elders a  topic that they get to teach. Of course I usually forget to remind people, or assign them, until it is practically the day of, but it always amazes me, what power comes when we invite the spirit, and then follow it in our meetings. This last week, I was pondering what I could share with my elders in our meeting, and I thought i should teach about charity. It seemed a little random, but I followed it, and it was amazing how the spirit led, and I was able to see the message really sinking into the hearts of the elders in my district, and I was able to see a change of heart. I guess that is what has been my favorite thing about the MTC, is the chance to be an instrument in the Lords hands, to help bring about a change of heart in the elders in my district. I truly have felt that as I shared these experiences with the elders, as my thoughts were solely about them, a change came in me, where I was able to be bettered in the process as well. The lord loves us, and wants us to rely on him! 

I am so excited to be able to go and be the Lords tool in bringing the people of Argentina unto him. I can not think of a better way to spend my life, and it truly is a lifestyle, we need to be trying constantly to bring the people around us unto Christ, and as we do that we, ourselves come unto him.

Family I love you, so much! I know the lord loves you! I always can feel of your love through your letters, I felt it last night, and it brought me to tears of joy, to think of the love that you have for me! Thank you so much for your good spirits! Keep doing what is right, and don't worry about the rest! for the lord will take care of you!!
Love, Elder Zimbelman

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