Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pinterest... Love hate relationship

Aaaaaa Pinterest! I love you! You give me great ideas quickly and easily for my laundry room, bathroom and for future projects. You also give me great recipe ideas like these, oreo cupcakes from bakerella. These pictures are not from her website... Jennifer took them of the ones we made.

mini oreo
and just for fun... we made half with grasshopper cookies
chocolate and mint... mmmmmmmmm

The frosting recipe was divine... we used butter instead of shortening as suggested... white enough and melts in your mouth.

 I was making them for the YW and since the recipe said it only made 12 large cupcakes I doubled it, planning to make 12 large ones for our neighbor who just had a baby (what! you don't think she NEEDS these?) and 48 mini ones for the YW. I'm not sure what happened but we ended up with 24 large ones AND 57 mini ones... maybe I put too many cookies in the little ones?...  I didn't get any complaints. I may have to try it again without doubling it just to see how it comes out ;).

Pinterest...great ideas, yummy recipes...
not so great for my bottom line
(if you know what I mean)


Amy said...

Oh, they look SO yummy! Do you think you could send some to me? ;-) Jenn, GREAT pictures!

Celisa said...

These look delicious!

Oracle said...

You've got me salivating