Friday, September 2, 2011

My Summer Vacation cont...The Bathroom

 The basement bathroom has been an ongoing project that began shortly after we redid the main part of the basement for Kindermusik a year ago. This is actually the largest bathroom in the house but since it was in the basement it was neglected until the domino theory kicked in. Main room looked great, bike room looking amazing, bedroom already looked pretty good and now this really looked like a pit.This was compounded by the fact that it was not being used regularly and became the dumping ground for basement "stuff". Note - we never actually lift weights IN the bathroom. The pale blue-green counters and the vinyl floor with the matching blue-green squares that had pulled away from wall long before we moved in, had outlasted their stay. Not to mention the light strip. The towel racks came down, which was much easier than keeping them up (we are towel rack challenged) and the work began. The photos below already have the wall behind the door partially textured.

Late in the spring we found a great handyman, John. He quickly put two and two together and discovered that he was one of Mark's students. He helped with a lot of projects and is one reason we did so many this summer... he recently moved to Boston to start his first job. We will miss him

To fix up this room we textured, painted almost every surface, stenciled one wall using this stencil. This room was the experimental room with the Giani countertop paint. It turned out OK, way better than the blue-green laminate and I got better at it as I went. The cabinets got a fresh coat of white paint, I used this tutorial to frame the huge mirror that is permanently attached to the wall. It was so easy, I will be doing it again. John put in new light fixtures in addition to a new tile floor. Mark and Christian installed new towel racks into studs next to the shower/tub where you can actually reach them when you need them!

 It's a bright happy bathroom that I'm no longer to embarrassed to allow people to use. It comes in really handy for Kindermusik too.


Tracy said...

Dang, woman, it's super cute!! Good job!

Celisa said...

All of your projects look awesome! I love the new laundry room. It looks cute and convenient.

reginag said...

Definitely a nice place! Perfect for the whole family.

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