Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feast and Famine...

This morning I spent 45 minutes in a room full of energetic two-year-olds. 
Even though I've taught this same lesson twice already this week, this particular group wanted to be up and moving... all the that's what we did, we had most of our class on our feet. It was fun and challenging and caused me to think deeply and creatively to adapt the lesson plan to the needs of these little ones in the moment.
 And then, the last tiny pair of sandals was filled and gone and my house was calm. 
Completely quiet.
Silent and very still. 
I took a breath and looked around.

 It felt good. 
I love my life. 
I have lists of things that need doing but not sure what I wanted to do. 
Check out pinterest, check my email, make lunch, finish the laundry... 

Really what I wanted to do was to play with my grandchildren, have lunch with their parents, especially their mothers - telling them again how amazing they are and to remind them that while it may seem that the things they do day after day after day are mundane and repetitive... they are doing the most important things they could be doing... ever. All those little things count, the spilled cheerios, the smears on mom's shirt, the endless laundry, all the little hassles and issues that seem as though life would be so much easier to just give in, just this morning... but you don't. What you are doing is building people,

one moment at a time. And before you know it these moments will have added up to years and decades and you will marvel                                                      
that the child once laying on the floor kicking and screaming now has a child of their own... doing exactly the same thing. And what you desire now... a clean house and 15 minutes of quiet calm that you can choose to do anything you like... will be yours.

And there may be days when you long for someone to come over and fill your home with noise, spill  cheerios on the floor, get your shirt a little soiled and put their sweet chubby arms around your neck.

Funny how that goes.
 Feast and famine... but really it's all feasting.
                 Life is good.

and it's time to get back to my list.
Always lists

Thank goodness.


Tracy said...

I needed that today, even though I'm not one of your own. :) Thanks!

Amy said...

Love this post. Thanks Mom, I really needed this. Love you.

Celisa said...

Thanks for this post. You're such a great grandma (and mom). Wish that we were there to do Kindermusik and play with you! Livi still talks about how Grandma Z put an umbrella stamp on her hand. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever. :) Love you!