Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Living quarters

Front Door, kitchen area. Study area behind when taking picture
Study area... back to kitchen and front door. Notice wood wall and door at the end...on the other side is... 
the Bedroom... we didn't get pictures of the bathroom and yes they sleep in sleeping bags in this mission.

How is everyone doing!? this week was good for me, we found a new investigator whose name is Martin, and he is absolutely golden!! We were knocking in some apartments, after a hard day of working and having all of our appointments fall through, and no one was ever home. It was probably around eight at night, and Elder pack told me to choose somewhere to knock. So we went in this building, all the way to the top, and he said "ok, its your turn to knock" so i knocked on the door and he amazingly let us in. He always talked about how his family is the most important thing in the world to him, and was super receptive, and we had a really good lesson. I believe i already told you that much, but we have gone back, and the next time hs wife was there, so she joined us. She was just as amazing and really receptive, and when we were asking them to read, he said they were going to read the section in the Book of Mormon that we had given them that night as a family, we were soo excited! Then we had a couple days before the next lesson, and we were gonna play futbol with some investigators, so we invited him. He came and we had a lot of fun. Afterwards we were talking to him, and turns out he is married, which is a huge bonus! That practically never happens here. We went back the next day, and had a really good lesson about priesthood authority, and why our message was so important, and they took it soo well. They are super humble, and really sincere. They also had questions about baptism. They didn't believe infant baptism was good, because they didn't believe children had the ablility to choose and stuff like that. They wanted to know what we thought about that and if they were being bad parents because they hadn't baptized their children. It was a great opportunity to show how awesome the Book of Mormon is, and to show them what we believe. It was really cool, and it is amazing to see how the Lord has been preparing them, and how they are soo receptive to our message. 

Well fam there is so much that goes on here, I wish I could just write a little novel and send it to you guys to tell you about everything, but the investigators are the most important thing, that is why we are here.

Family i love you so much, the lord has definitely been helping me every day, the Spanish is here some days, and not others, there are certain people that i can understand practically perfectly, and others I can't understand a word.. so it is kind of hit and miss, but I really have felt the Lord helping me. When I have the spirit in a lesson, it doesnt matter how well I can speak, all that matters is that I open my mouth, and the spirit teaches them what they need to know. I take alot of comfort in that, because it is something that I need right now soo much.

well, love you all, look forward to Mondays when I get to hear from you!
love, Elder Zimbelman 

Here are a few other things he told me:

Mom, I am doing soo good! we get fed by the members every day, and we have a bunch of sisters in the branch who if we stop by they give us food, or fix our clothes, they also do our laundry for us, its really pretty nice here, we are really well taken care of by the members. Well its getting cold there, and it is just getting warm here! hahaa, I am going to be spoiled, with two summers in a row, but we are wearing t-shirts for the first time today, and it is soo nice here! Everything is super brown, and it will probably only get greener in the trees becasue the ground is all dirt everywhere, rarely do people have grass in their yards, but the people are amazing here, and we are well taken care of. 

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