Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Date

 Last week Jennifer was asked to homecoming by a very nice young man in band. It was her first date. We bought her a new dress and Cecily came over and did her hair. She looked stunning. I wish the lighting was better (and Amy was closer), these pictures do not do her justice (but they will have to suffice).

They had a very nice dinner with another couple at Joseph's house, went to the dance and then back to Joseph's house for dessert.
I suppose I should say something here about my baby growing up and how I can hardly believe it... while that's true my overriding feelings are ones of awe and pride... the good kind of pride, the kind that you feel when you know that she has made good choices in her life and has such a bright future. When you know that while her dad and I did have some influence on her, as did her siblings, most of all we try to stay out of her way and allow her to shine.

And shine she does.


Amy said...

Oh look stunning! I wish I could have been there to see you in person!...but, I'm glad you took pictures, Mom!

Celisa said...

Beautiful Jennifer!!! I'm glad that she had a fun time.

Celisa said...

Oh, and I thought that I saw a post on my Google reader about the baby and hoping for us to move closer. I was going to leave a comment saying that Arizona is on our list of favorites, so that would be a good place within driving distance! We'll have to see what happens! Love you guys!

Tracy said...

What a beautiful dress for a beautiful girl!

Grandma T. said...

I really like what Celisa said about Arizona! And Jenn -- you are surely a young beauty! I'm super proud to be your grandma!!