Saturday, October 1, 2011

A wonderful morning

Almost a year ago we got an early morning text from Christian telling us the Provo Tabernacle was on fire.
It was a heart rending time for all of us. 
Since then we have driven by the hollow building supported by scaffolding,
and wondered the fate of this historic building.
This morning during general conference it was announce that the 
Provo Tabernacle would be rebuilt as a second temple in Provo!
 We couldn't be more excited...

Well, actually, the announcement of the Paris Temple (which was already announced by the French newspapers) and the announcement of the Democratic Republic of Congo temples were also very exciting for us as those are two places where our French missionaries at the MTC will be serving
... and now they will also have temples for they people they teach to attend. 

What a tender mercy! 
We feel very blessed today


Tracy said...

Wasn't it awesome how President Monson announced the temples? I love how he can always make me smile and laugh.

Amy said...

So amazing!

megan said...

AMAZING HUH! I am thrilled too. I wonder what they will do with the picture of Christ that they saved from the fire. I love the temple announcements

Celisa said...

So exciting!