Saturday, October 15, 2011

Recent Pins

Looking at my pinterest board I realized that the things I choose to pin say something about me and where I'm at.
Here are a few of my favorites and some feedback on some pins (recipes mostly) I have acted on.


The first two  made me think of Aaron and Celisa. 

The first reminded me of Aaron as a toddler, maybe it's good they get a few more year of parenting experience under their belts before they have a boy... or at least get a few more sets of eyes.

Vegan, sugar free chocolate fudge.  Very easy and very yummy... probably too yummy. Sugar free does not mean low cal... probably will not be making this again very soon but not because it's not a good recipe.  

Monster cupcakes! How totally cute. I bought candy corns to make these I just need someone to give them to... I don't want them around the house. Any takers?

Butternut squash gnocchi with sage and browned butter. I have everything to make this... I was told that a food mill can be used in place of a ricer...maybe this weekend.                    

Roasted broccoli... it seems everything is getting roasted these days. Before you scroll down really fast I have to tell you, it was really good. We ate the first batch (ok it was mostly me but Jenn liked it too) I think Mark ate some too but I don't remember. So I bought the Costco pack of broccoli for my next batch. Turned out great again, even warmed up later... but I must tell you it is possible to eat too much broccoli in one day...

And then I will just leave you with a thought.  Do our actions really show what our highest priorities are?

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Celisa said...

Ha, the little boy hanging by his pants is hilarious! I've been loving pinterest for recipes as well. I'm craving avocados this pregnancy, so I've been making tons of avocado-related recipes. So good!