Thursday, October 20, 2011

If I had money to burn

Or maybe more accurately - if I wasn't so cheap

I'd get these:


to put above my bed once the bedroom is redone.
Wouldn't it look great on a white wall with the other walls Benjamin Moore Wythe blue*?
But I think I'd want it about 30 inches across instead of 20...

and one of these with the initials of my grandchildren
including baby Kate of course.

I'd find a place to put this.

And while I'm dreaming I'll take one of these too:
I'd be OK with either one...

 not sure where I'd put it 
but if I had money to burn I'm sure I could figure something out

...maybe as an entrance to my Kindermusik studio

(yes I would keep teaching and you better believe I would use it!)

Have to get the old cheap copycat brain to work on the first two anyway...

* Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue


Celisa said...

Fun stuff! I don't think I'd ever use the stairs for going down again!

Compulsive Doodler said...

You have excellent taste. Include a unicycle and a giant trampoline and this would be my shopping list too.

Amy said...

I bet the first would be easy to make! Love them all, especially that chair!

yeti said...

I love the slide idea, I want one too. (but also don't have the money, or own a house... not sure how my landlord would feel about that)