Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1000 Islands

They say that "No man is an island"...
But apparently some men own islands.
(What looks like the "shore" in the back is really another island.)

They say a man's home is his castle...

...and apparently some take that quite literally.

What does it mean when a man's home is a castle on an island?

I haven't the foggiest, but as Mark and I were leaving Kingston, Ontario (10 days or so ago) we took some time to enjoy an hour long cruise on the St. Lawrence River exploring the 1000 island area.
It's right where Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River come together.
I was awed by all the islands.
There are actually 1003 (or something like that).
They were basically bedrock sticking up out of the water in all shapes and sizes
And I mean ALL shapes and sizes.

To qualify as an official island they have to have one tree.
(Once again behind the little island is another bigger island)
These are some of the smaller islands
(with larger islands behind them)
Some islands were hard to distinguish from the shore because they were so big.
Some houses were built on the shore while others were on top of their boat houses.
Mark and I picked out the perfect island. It was a medium sized island with quite a few houses - at least that we could see.

The houses were not right on top of each other and the middle of the island was large and thick with trees. It looked like a fun place to explore and mountain bike. Lots of fun places for tree houses and such. We imagined how much fun it would be to have a house on the island for us and one for each of our kids. Of course we would need to install ziplines so that we could just let our kids know we were needing some snuggles and they could zip the grandkids on over.

Of course our reality is that this will always remain just a dream.
But in reality I already live the dream.

This man is no island.
And my home with him is my castle.
I remain in awe of him and all that he does.
He is my dream come true!

Island or no island.


celisamz said...

Great post! It looks like it was a fun trip. Love you guys! :)

Amy said...

Wow...I am amazed at all the islands! Love the pictures!