Tuesday, September 1, 2009

God Knows our Hearts

Dear Family,

This week has been a great week!

Throughout my mission I have learned many things that will be with me for eternity. Knowledge and experiences that could not be replaced in any other place.

This transfer has passed by very quickly and soon I will be in a strange place learning a whole new type of work! I have been called to serve in a city called Santiago. It's a city close by that is not very big and in my district there will only be 6 missionaries!

It looks like it will be very similar to Santo Ângelo; the area is pretty big and they have just completed rebuilding the chapel! Elder Bruno, my LZ right now that lives in our house here in Salgado Filho already served there and says that it is an awesome place that has a lot of potential to grow! I will do my best to help the branch there turn into a ward and fill the new chapel.

At the same moment that I am very excited, I am also going to miss Salgado Filho a lot! There are a lot of recent converts here that have really been growing and progressing that I really hope stay strong!

This week we had Salete's marriage and Baptism! It was really special! She has been going to church ever since I have been here and was just needing to get married. Elder Monteiro and I did just about all of the paper work for her and she was really happy! She will be a very strong member of the ward here!

Raissa is also doing very well. Here family is taking the church a lot more seriously. They were to all of the meetings at church yesterday and didn't wait for the bus to pass but, walked all the way with three young girls! They are really showing there faith and progressing. I won't be here to see their marriage and baptism but I am sure that shortly it will happen!

We have also been working with a man that will be a great leader in the church. He is about forty-five years old and has some serious problems but the first steps he has already taken and really wants to change! All of the things he has passed I wouldn't feel comfortable telling you but I know that God has a time and purpose with everything that he does. The first time that we taught him he was in his parents house and showed interest in the message but we went back and they didn't accept us. It has been about three months and we were teaching a totally different family and he was at the house, drinking. We taught the restoration and we didn't even pay very much attention to him. But, when we were leaving he told us that he wanted us to pass by his house.

After that it's all history, he has gone to church two times, knows that what we have taught is true, he is reading the Book of Mormon and is really preparing for his baptism, the last time we taught him he asked us how to pay his tithing! His neighbor was joking and said that maybe I could come back and baptize him(Santiago is pretty close by here). I would really like to be here! He is very intelligent and he will certainly be a conversion that will bring many other people to the church! Pray for him!

Well, I am very excited to go to Santiago and start my work there but please remember me in your prayers! Thanks for all of your prayers!

Elder Rob
Cristiano and Family

P.S. Alessandro blesses the sacrament now! Cristiano is our ward mission leader! Tiago is his counselor! Almost all of our converts here are really strong in the ward! Thanks for your prayers!
Milton and Maristel
A cake for Elder Rob

I turned this twice but for some reason it won't stay!

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Christie said...

It's hard for me to imagine just how happy these pictures of 'radiant robbie'(as I now will call him) must make you. SO happy for him, for you, and for Heavenly Father who must share all your joy and more.