Monday, September 7, 2009

A Week in Santiago

Dear Family,

Wow, this week has really been crazy! I arrived in Santiago on Wednesday at about 4 o' clock with my companion Elder Oliveira. I'm his second companion and the oldest in the mission in my district!

My district has three companionships; ours and the other two are fairly new missionaries that are training! President told me that it's time for Santiago to explode and wants me to make it happen. He says that he is confident in me and that Santiago has a lot of potential to have a lot of success.

This week I am a little worried because it looks like President put me in the Branch that is needing the most help! Yesterday there were 35 people at church! We marked with 10 members to pass by our investigators houses and walk with them to church. Not any of them went to church!

Santiago is a lot different than Salgado filho! I'm not really sure where to start but, President just told me to preach the gospel! Great counsel, isn't it? We are really going to need your prayers here!

Elder Oliveira is a really good missionary. He has been a member for 4 years but has done a 3 year mission preparation course and knows the doctrine pretty well for a greeny ;) Also I would appreciate your prayers on his behalf because some times he gets depressed and stops talking to me.

This transfer should be good, we are starting from a level so low that it should be good to see all the progress we will have! We also already have a few people that we will baptize in these next weeks; Cátia, Brenda and Neusa, pray for them!

Sorry, I'm out of time.

Love, Elder Zimbelman

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Christie said...

I DID cheer for Jen! Ask her! I know she looked over at me...but did she know who I was, I'm not sure! Look for me at the race this Friday.