Monday, September 21, 2009


Dear Family,

Thank you for all of your prayers, emails, love and concern. This week we started the Friday night, movie night. It went alright, a lot of people didn't go but the few that went had a good time. But, I'm very excited for this week.

This morning we went to the radio and had 7 minutes to talk about the activities that we will start this week. We met a member that was inactive that is coming back to church that used to be the Branch President here. He has a program on the radio and is getting us into all of the radios here in Santiago to talk about our activities.

In the past, when he was the Branch President there were more than 100 people that showed up for the English classes and many of them turned into referrals for the missionaries! We are going to do it again but this time we're going to invite everyone to the other activities at the church too. Here in Santiago they don't have a Movie Theater, so we are going to set up the projector and bring the theater to Santiago.

We are really trying to give some structure to this branch get these people going not just for when we are transferred but as long as they can apply these things. One of the things that is really lacking here in the mission is auto-sufficiency. The productivity and excitement of the area depends a ton on the missionaries. It makes it really hard to baptize when you know that your converts won't stay strong in the church.

But, also we should have a lot of success taking people to church this week because we will have our district conference. There is a new chapel here in Santiago but the chapel that we go to is an old one. We have made invitations and will put them on all the houses that we pass by to go to our district conference.

Well, we have a few investigators that are progressing. First of all there is the family of Sani, Jaqueline, Gianine and Marcos. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation and at the end the father, Sani prayed. He recognized in his pray that they aren't married and that the need to get married and that if everything goes well that they would like to be a part of the church. This week they have also told us that they will go to church this Saturday! Pray for them!

Also there is Kátia. She is married to a less-active member named Alexandre and is reading the Book of Mormon. She will be baptized for sure but it looks like her husband isn't worthy right now to baptize her and they always go out to visit there relatives on the weekend and haven't been to church since I have been here. They are also just marking visits with us once a week. Pray for them!

Then there is Mauro. He is also married to a less-active member; named Camila. He has been taught everything and had his baptismal date marked but then they got in a fight and it fell through. We started teaching him from the beginning and says that he wants to be baptized but doesn't remember about Christ's Church(If it exists, and why are there so many churches?). If everything goes well he will be baptized shortly. Pray for him!

For now, these are the people that are showing potential, please pray for them!

Love you all! Thanks for all you do for me!

Elder Zimbelman


mary said...

Hi! This is Mary from Philippines. Just dropping by to say you have an excellent page. Keep it up! Please check this site and follow me. Thank You!

Karen Zimbelman said...

Thanks for the update, Robbie. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday. - Aunt Karen and Uncle Chris.