Monday, September 28, 2009

What? My Birthday?

Dear Family,

This has been a really good week! Thank you for all of your prayers and letters!

This week we had our district conference (which is a stake conference for a district :) and President and Sister Myrrha were here to speak. The gaúchos here are a lazy people that find excuses for everything. When it's cold they don't leave the house, when it's rainy they don't leave the house, when it's sunny and warm they also have an excuse not to leave the house.
Our branch is also lacking a lot of excitement. At the district conference there were 128 people! Less than the normal attendance of Salgado Filho! Three branches make up the district here! It was raining and the attendance was really pathetic. But we did our part! We brought 6 people to church.Sani, Jaqueline and Gianine, Terezinha and two references! It was really good to see these people at church.

President and Sister Myrrha really teach with authority. You can really feel the spirit in their words and examples. They also had the opportunity to pass through our house, what a blessing(not)! We knew that they were coming into town and really cleaned up the house. She was passing through the house and didn't see hardly anything wrong.

UNTIL, she found a closet that hasn't been cleaned since the first missionaries arrived in the house! It was like one of those cartoons then they open the door and everything goes crashing down.

She had us take everything out and luckily I had allergy problems and could leave the mess. But, making a long story short the house is really a mess!

That was quite an experience.

We also did our first English class and there were 30 people there! I thought it was a good turn out. We will start to have a class on Wednesday for new comers and there is a college student that will put up a poster and announce the advanced class on Saturday! It should be a lot of people that show up. So pray for me and if you have any good ideas, I'm all ears! We've got a bunch of Ensigns and we will also use movies and music in English and just focus on pronunciation and practice speaking... Let me know what you think...

Tomorrow we have Zone Conference and a van will pick us up at 5 o' clock in the morning! Wish us luck.

Thanks for all of your birthday wishes! I think I won't be getting the packages any time soon because it looks like the mail in Porto Alegre and São Paulo is on strike!

Love you guys, Have a great week!

Elder Z

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Karen Zimbelman said...

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY birthday to you, Robbie. XOXOXO - Aunt Karen and Uncle Chris.