Monday, April 14, 2008

Half Empty or Half Full?

I noticed today that when I have a bad day I keep track of all the things that go wrong - why is that? So I can prove to people that I had a bad day, that some force is working against me? Do I need them to feel sorry for me? Does it help me to feel better to complain to those around me? Actually, I just feel worse... So, let me tell you what was good about my day. My wonderful kids got up this morning (it's their spring break) so we could have scripture study before I went to school. Because I was late for aerobics I was able to take a call from the MTC, Elder Rob was right there and I heard him say, "Tell her I love her" in the background. He is fine - just requesting some Tshirts, his shampoo and a fleece blanket. Because of spring break I was still able to get a decent spot (not behind the pole) for step aerobics. Because the showers were closed at the gym today I had time to go by the Postal Net store and see that I didn't have to get the packages there until 3:30 to get them to Robbie today. (Don't worry, I took a "girls camp" shower before I went to class.) It was in the mid 60's today so I soaked up plenty of vitamin D as I walked to school without my jacket.  I saw a great T-shirt that said "Duct tape is like The Force - it binds the universe together" - truly words to live by, and look at my flowers, soaking up some sun. Have a great day!


Amy said...

Just hope you know that you are amazing! Love you!

Anonymous said...

You are so right! It sounds like you had quite the day. I'll call you after finals are over.