Sunday, April 20, 2008

Inkom Idaho

I didn't know it existed either but it does! Christian Jennifer and I went to Mark's race this past Saturday in  Inkom, Idaho just south of Pocatello. It's called the Tax Day Challenge. Mark's team, "Bountiful Mazda" helped put on this race so I drove wheel support for 45+ (Mark's race) and then we helped marshall one of the corners. The race went from the elementary school for about 7 miles through a residential area to a loop that they rode 4.5 times. I think it was around 35 miles all together. The first half of the loop was up hill with the very last part quite steep and then downhill for half a loop. We got to drive behind the riders in the van with extra wheels in case someone got a flat. It was really fun. Mark ended up getting fourth, his team is still trying to work out some kinks so they are working together better. It was the first race of the year for some of the guys. Mark's team is in the orange and blue, I don't think you can see his number but he has silver shoes and his back is often more parallel to the ground. There is still quite a bit of snow but it was between 45 and 55 degrees.


Anonymous said...

That looks amazingly cold! Were they bored after doing the Lo Jo?

Karen Burton Zimbelman said...

If all they did was Lo to Ja they would be bored. Each race has it's own personality and challenges. This one has an uphill finish which Mark especially likes. Flat races are boring!