Monday, April 7, 2008

Family Pictures

We took family pics today and I think they went well. We had minor wardrobe issues at the last minute by nothing major. It rained, snowed and hailed of and on most of the day so we didn't decide until the last minute if we were going to try and shoot outside or go to a studio. It was cloudy but didn't look to threatening so we went outside. Ruby was asleep so we got all the other ones first and then she began to wake up so we got their little family and it began to sprinkle a little. We got the family together really quick and started taking pictures. Then it began to really snow. Ruby was a trooper through the whole thing. What a cutie. The timing of it all was truly a blessing although if we went earlier we would have had more time. It got really cold and windy and the snow just kept coming so we moved to the studio and took a few studio shots. We went to dinner afterward and I sat across from Robbie. I asked him what he wanted to do Wednesday morning before he goes in the MTC. He said we should go bowling. Really? No...."no offense but I just wants to get out of here!" It has been a long time coming for all of us. What an interesting time, very much in limbo. A wonderful son and cherished friend to be away for 2 years in a far away place I know so little about, doing exactly what he ought to be doing, exactly what I've prayed for these past years. And me at home wondering about his moments of joy and anguish. Wondering what he is learning and what he is eating. Hoping he laughs more than he cries and always sending my thoughts and love out to him. Always praying for him and wondering about the man he will be when he comes home. 

I'll post the pictures when we get them. 

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