Friday, April 25, 2008

A Humming Moth?

The other day I was heading up the stairs and noticed something flying around our weeping cherry in the front yard. At first glance I though it was a humming bird. A humming bird is not that unusual but this one looked a little different - smaller and well... it had antennas? Jenn and I watched it for a while and then I decided to get out the camera to see if we could solve the mystery. It was a very large moth that seemed to like having it's picture taken! We could see it's tongue sticking into the flowers (can you see it in the picture?) and even got a picture of it all curled up going back into it's mouth but that picture came out blurry. It was really cool. That evening we told Christian about it and went out in the evening and found three or four flying around the tree. The next morning as the kids were heading out to school there were a bunch of birds flying around and two finches were fighting over one of our humming moths! How Rude!

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Anonymous said...

Very cool pictures!