Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It came!

Today we got a call from Elder Robbie. His visa arrived and he flies to Sao Paulo tomorrow with half of his district. Wow, that was really unexpected. I had gotten used to the idea of him being in Provo for the next month and a half. I was planning packages to send him and now he leaves tomorrow. He gave me a list of things he needs, I rounded them up and Aaron took them over to the MTC. It seems silly that it caught me off guard. I guess I had started taking comfort in him being close by for just a little longer before flying off to a different hemisphere. When he talked to us he replied in Portuguese. It was really cool. What an amazing place the MTC is. Two weeks ago he stepped out of my reach to some degree but tomorrow he will be completely out of my reach and in the Lord's hands. Hard for me sometimes but there's no place I would rather have him be. Pray for him... and for me too.

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