Tuesday, August 19, 2008

5 Months! No Way

Hey Família, what's new?
It's been a bit of a long week here. We had an emergency transfer and my companion was sent away. So, I met my new companion, Elder Vigeta Thurs. and we have been working really hard to together a baptism. He is a paulista, which means he is from São Paulo and he is a really good missionary. He has been in the mission for a year and a half, so he is very experienced and a very good teacher. We had 4 baptisms on Saturday; Thiago, Ivone, Rafaela and Jorge Luis. I worked my tail off to organize the baptism and it was really a great experience.
First we have Rafaela. She is the second oldest of the 7 children of Rock and Ihada and is the neighbor of Ivone and Thiago. She has had a lot of trials. She has a firm testimony of the Gospel and I have witnessed an awesome change in her life.
Next, Jorge Luis. He is married to Beatriz who is a member. She was baptized about 4 months ago and the missionaries never took the time to talk with him. He is very intelligent and a lot of the principles we explained he already new and things just klicked. Now he is preparing to get married in the temple for time and all eternity.
Thiago is 9 years old and is the neighbor to Ivone and Rafaela. He lives with his grandma who is very kind but doesn't want anything to do with the church(but, we'll see about that). Thiago is nothing but energy. The first time he came to church with us he asked how many years you need to have to be baptized. Now, he wants nothing but to be a missionary. He is always singing, "Eu quero ser um missionario, quando eu crescer um pouco mais..."(I want to be a missionary, when I grow a little more). I sing with him and I can't help but smile.
Ivone is about 35 or 40 and she has had a bumpy life. She is single and has 3 kids. She has had her fair share of trials and really done well with what she has. When we had the interview we were talking and she began to cry, because, she has felt the influence of the gospel in her life and she said, "Eu sei que eu estou no caminho certo agora"(I know I am on the right path now). She was really excited for baptism and very well prepared.
It was really a great baptism! Then on Sunday we had around 90 people in sacrament meeting! Next week we have our normally scheduled transfer so I don't know what will happen but I will keep ya'll posted.

Love you all, thanks for writing.
Até proxima semana(until next week)
Elder Zimbelman

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