Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday - not so sure it's a flashback

It's Friday and it seems like an end to me. The end of the week yes but also the end of summer. The end of my little "fall reprieve" ie. the few weeks when the kids are back in school but I'm not. Tuesday I start classes again but this is my last planned year as I graduate in April- who knows maybe I'll decide to get a masters or even a PhD if I really get bored but as of now I have no set plans. I'd really like to write... I'm working on a series of DVD's for MADD on empowering families... and I even get paid for it, but even this will be over soon and then what?

It's the end of searching for the leak in my stream (hence the picture above) - at least it better be - which means the end of this phase of my backyard project. If you live anywhere nearby you may have heard a series of WAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO's yesterday...that was me.

In a way I feel like I''m sitting at the top of a long winding water slide and Tuesday my turn will come and I'll push off and be caught in the wild ride of the school year. I sit now with water swirling around me checking my placement on the tube and hoping I'm all ready for the fast exciting ride to the bottom...only this year I'm not quite sure what happens after that. My wonderful married kids will probably be leaving the area- Aaron and Celisa for sure will be - as they find employment and continue their education. And come this time next year I'm not so sure where I'll be. A busy, kind of crazy year and then what?

No use worrying. I'll just make sure I'm set to begin and then push off and see what the Lord has in store for me. He's never failed me before as long as I do my part. My job now is to hold on tight and enjoy the ride as I watch for direction that will surely come...


Christie said...

I think that's a great analogy. It's the old adage...the only thing predictable is change. Almost I'd love to know more about Madd work you're doing and how that came about! I'm proud of you, my friend!

Chelsea said...

Good luck in school! Karen, I look at you and see what my life may look like in the future in many ways. You're an inspiration and great example!