Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looks like I'll be stayin in Uruguiana

First District, First Zone!
Jorge Luis, Thiago, Rafaela, Ivone (In White)

As another transfer comes and goes I am filled with many emotions. I am here in Uruguiana with elder Vigeta for at least one transfer. He has been in the mission for a year and a half now. He is a very good teacher and an awesome example for me. In the last two weeks I have learned a ton! He is always very helpful (sometimes too much). He corrects every thing I do wrong in Português, which is very helpful, a little annoying, but hey what doesn't kill ya just makes you stronger né? We have a lot of investigators and are working very hard to unionize the church and the church of the missionaries into the same organization like it should be. Which is going really well; we have received a lot of help from the members and trying to remotivate them.
We have really been working on our lessons and they are coming along very well. He puts me on the spot very often so I have to be very alert to what is going on. Most important we have been trained to promise feelings of peace and tranquility during our lesson that will be sent by God to testify that what we are teaching is true. Then we always mention that promise during the lesson, when the time is right, and make sure they know that the spirit is testifying that what we are teaching is true. It has been really amazing! A few times we have had lessons that our investigators had beliefs very strange and different and when hearing the message of the restored gospel they had doubts. But when we provided a witness through the holy ghost, they could not deny it! It has been really powerful! I am very excited to stay here one more transfer with Elder Vigeta.

Love you all! Thanks for writing!

Elder Z

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