Monday, August 4, 2008

Another Great Week In Uruguiana!

Família! Comectá?
This week was really amazing! Elder Rodrigues and I have 15 new investigators again this week and had 14 investigators in Sacrament Meeting Yesterday; and do you guys remember the frequency of 30 people usually in Sacrament? We had 82 people in Sacrament Meeting yesterday!!! We are working really hard and it's really paying off. My planer has never been so full! Our week is almost booked and we haven't even started.
I don't like talking about numbers but if I told you all the names and stories about everyone I would need to write a book. But I want to share one story with you all. We are teaching the Family of Rock and Iada. They have 7 children and the oldest is 15! They live in the most humble of circumstances and have their share of problems. I am pretty sure the father is a dumpster diver and doesn't have any money. But, we didn't learn this until the 4th visit. Our 3rd visit we reviewed the Restoration and the Book of Mormon, because Irmã Iada was having doubts. Before our visits she was very interested in the Jehovah's Witnesses and had a lot of very wrong ideas and by her general appearance I could just tell she was confused. But, we challenged her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and that the only person that could answer her questions was God. Thursday, a few days after, our lunch fell through and we had just received our money Wed. so we had no food in the house. So, we decided to go the the supermarket and buy our groceries. It ended up that we got delayed until 4 o' clock and we missed 3 appointments already(one of which we were planning on visiting with Irmão Flores, our leader of the missionary work in our ward). He called us and we decided to split with another youth in our ward and try and visit all of our appointments. It ended up that Irmão Flores and I went to the house of Irmão Rock and Irmã Iada. There were a lot of distractions as usual, but, we started conversing. One of the first things Irmã Iada said to me is that she will go to church this week. Then I noticed; her hair was done, her face was clean, her clothes were clean and her eyes were clean and opened. I then asked her if she prayed, she said yes! She said that she knew! It was truly amazing. At the end of the lesson I asked if there was anything we could do for them and Irmão Rock told me we would talk after. I thought he meant our next appointment, but, he followed us out of the house and began to talk to us. He told us; they had no food, water and, that he had an electricity bill that he had no money to pay for. My heart stopped!
We took the bill and said we would see what we could do. The next day we were walking into the city, Rodrigues and I, and we heard a honk from behind. We turned around and there was Irmão Flores. I glanced in the back of his car, and it was full of food! Yesterday, the whole family was in church and all Irmão Rock says now is, "Aquele homem é uma benção de Deus (That man is a blessing from God)."
I know that God intended for Irmão Flores to be in the house of Irmão Rock that night and that our Heavenly Father is aware of everyone of us! Thanks for writing everyone! You all really made my day!
Love you all tons!
Amor do Brasil!
Tchau, Elder Z

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