Thursday, August 7, 2008

On the day that you were born...

Forty-nine years ago some thing wonderful happened. I was not around to see it but the event would effect my life forever. A most beautiful baby boy joined the Zimbelman family, then living in Madison, Wisconsin. He was named Mark Foster Zimbelman. As he grew, his love of nature brought frogs and snakes into his home and would eventually draw him to the redwoods where he began to wonder about God and feel the influence of the spirit in his life. I first met him at a ward social as he was organizing a skit that left the Bishop on stage on all fours with a full pitcher of water precariously balanced on his back. I loved his sense of humor. Today we still laugh together - especially when watching Brian Reagan - he laughs at Brian, we laugh watching him laugh till he cries. I am grateful for his love of God and his devotion to his family. He is a great example of leading a balanced life and it seems my wish every year is to be more like him when I get to be his age (waaaaaaay down the road...when he turns 50 next year, I will still be 45...just a spring chicken.)

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Please feel free to share memories you have of Mark - I'll make sure he reads them.

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Anonymous said...

Awww! How cute was he?? I think that is the most fat I have ever seen on him! I was thinking how much he looks like the wedding picture still.

I was reading my journal the other day about when you announced you were getting married and that Mark was going to be an Optomitrist. I think he is awesome at what he does.

We love you and respect you. What a great example you make. I am sorry for all the grief I give you about the cottage cheese/applesauce sandwich. I may start making it my favorite snack. :)