Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another birthday

August 11 was Amy's birthday, she turned 23. I'm a little late... but then so was she. She was due on her dad's birthday but decided she wanted her own birthday. From the moment she was born Amy has been a joy. Although she was my only baby that was overdue, she was my easiest labor and the smallest by over a pound! The doctor even commented on how easy she was to deliver. She was a daddy's girl right off the bat - crying until he held her for the first time then she settled right down. She's so organized and on top of things and so creative. I want to be more like her. She really has a sense of what she wants out of life and she's willing to work to get it. She's a great example of service too, she has such a tender heart. It's hard to believe that now she has her own little girl. She 's such an amazing mother in every way. I look at her and I'm in awe at what a great person she has become and the direction she and her wonderful husband are going. She's such a great blessing to all that know her. Her kindergarten class is going to love her!

Happy belated birthday Amy! I love you!


Mark said...

I definitely agree with Karen's great tribute to a wonderful person! Happy birthday Amy. I'm proud to be associated with you!

Anonymous said...

AMEN! Amy, I love you tons! Happy Birthday! I hope you have many more great ones to come. You will be a great teacher.

Karen, did you at least call her? :)