Friday, August 15, 2008

Foster Family Reuinion

This is Mark's great grandfather Madison Kelsey Stephenson.

Bet you guys are glad they don't dress baby boys like that any more. We had a great weekend in Longmont Colorado with the descendants of Merle Nelson Foster and Velma Rose Stevenson (daughter of Madison Kelsey Stephenson). Attending the reunion were both living daughters, Jean Cline and Phyllis Tingstad, Mark's mom and an assortment of their descendants as well as Ann who represented the middle sister Betty's posterity (Betty passed away a little over a year ago). A good time was had by all. Fun activities and great food as well as sorting and discovering awesome family photos and genealogy information. Check out our pictures:

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Amy said...

Super cool pics! I'm dying to see all the really old pictures you got too!